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Lyrics, to me, are one of the most important aspects of a song. The lyrics of many songs have touched my heart so deeply at times that I feel my life has been changed. Some songs have been my companions on lonely or stressful days, and have encouraged me more than I can express.

There is so much to say about life and God and life with God, sometimes the words just pour out of me, and all of a sudden, a song is created! It’s almost magical when you are able to join the right lyrics with the right music. That truly is a gift from God!Blessings, Lindsey

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Wounded Soldier


Maybe Today


Wounded Soldier

Maybe Today

Edmund’s Song

O Love that will not let me go

Still Remain

Whom Shall I Send

No Turning Back

When I’m Drowning

I will wait

You Let Me Cry

At the Foot of the Cross